How to add item(s) on guest cart using the Trellis checkin tool

Check out the video below or read through the article on how to use the check-in tool feature!

You may also click here to download this printable checkin-tool guide!


Add Items to a Guests Cart

1. Find the guest in the check-in tool. 
a. To find the guest, please see the Finding Guests in the Tool section. 
b. Click the Cart icon next to the guests name

c. Click “Add Something” 

d. Under “Purchasable Type” click the drop down to select the type of purchase they are making

      1. For Tickets, Items, and Donations
        1. Under “Purchasable” select the right item
        2. Type the appropriate “Quantity”
        3. Click “Add to Cart”
      2. For Custom Donation
        1. Type the appropriate “Amount” 
        2. Click “Add to Cart”
      3. For Custom Amount
        1. Add the “Name” of the purchased item
        2. Type the appropriate “Amount” 
        3. Click “Add to Cart”

e. Uncheck the box that says “Is The Donor Covering Fees?” to remove fees from the checkout
f. Ask guest if they would like you to process payment for them

    1. If yes, press “Pay Now”
    2. If  no, press “Send Payment Link”
    3. If “Pay Now” is disabled, there is no credit card information entered for this guest. Either press “Send Payment Link” or exit out and add credit card details for this guest. To add credit card details see Check-in a Guest (and Edit Guest Details) section.

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