How to use the Check-In Tool to check in event attendees

The Trellis Check-In Tool is a web app used for checking in attendees for a fundraising event. Read on to learn more about using the Check-In Tool and all the features it offers!

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  • Trellis Platform: The main web-app that allows organizations to create fundraisers that include events, auctions, raffles, and more.
  • Check-In Tool: A web-app that allows organizations to check in attendees for a fundraiser created using the Trellis Platform.
  • Ticket Purchaser: A person who purchased tickets for the event from the organization’s fundraising page. 
  • Ticket Holder: A person who was assigned a ticket by the ticket purchaser.
  • Attendee: Anyone who has a ticket for an event, including all ticket holders. Attendees can also be added to the Check-In Tool directly.
  • Giving Account: A person’s user account for the fundraiser on the Trellis platform. Giving Accounts are automatically created for all ticket purchasers and ticket holders. This allows them to save a payment method, bid in a silent auction, speed up future checkouts, and manage their event tickets.

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Part 1: Getting Started

How to open and sign-in to the Check-In Tool using your Trellis Admin Account:

1. Using your Trellis admin account you can login and click on the person icon below the fundraiser you want to check in your attendees.

2. Select Check-in Tool.

3. You will now see the attendee list for the Check-In Tool, and you’re ready to get started!

How to open and sign-in to the Check-In Tool as a Volunteer:

1. Once the organizer has added you as the volunteer you will receive an email like below. Click here to log in to your account with your password to access the check-in tool.

2. Sign in with your email and the password provided.

3. Select Check-in Tool and you will now see the attendee list for the Check-In Tool, and you’re ready to get started!

Part 2: How to Check in an Attendee Using the Check-In Tool

From the main page of the Check-In Tool, you will see the list of attendees that are available for the event. 

Each attendee contains:
1. A check-in button, that allows you to check in the attendee.
2. A credit card icon, indicating if a payment method has been saved to their account.
3. A cart icon, indicating if they have items in their cart.
4. A view more button, that expands all available attendee information and next steps you can take for an attendee.

There are three types of attendees in the check-in tool:

  1. Verified attendees: these attendees are complete and ready to check-in 

2. Reassign attendees: these attendees are likely guests of a ticket purchaser and the purchaser did not assign their tickets before the event. We recommend reassigning them to the correct person, but this is not required to check them in. Note that you will not be able to manage this attendee’s credit cards or cart until they have been reassigned.

3. Unverified attendees: these attendees can be checked in, but they will need to verify their email address before you can save a credit card to their account or add purchasables to their cart. This prevents unauthorized users from accessing their account and keeps their information secure.



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