Hey Change Makers!

Set up a fundraising page, and your friends, family, and network can donate to your cause right away!

Ultimate impact for your cause – instantly. It doesn’t get better than that.

Fundraisers don’t have to be a fancy virtual gala, or a big event, they could a silent auction, or an online raffle, a 5km walk, or a mini-game tournament in your local park! 

Honestly, anything goes, so pick something you love and you know your friends will love it too!

It’s also really easy to start a fundraiser, click here to get started.

After you've created your account, follow these steps:

Click I'm not an organization

Afterwards, choose a template or start from scratch:

Once you've selected a template, go through the next couple of steps. You'll be put into the page builder right afterwards!

From the page builder, open up the sidebar.

Then go into Beneficiary.

Once you're there, search for the organization you'd like to support and press save!

That's it! You can continue to customize your page while your page gets approval from the organization you're supporting.

You know all those amazing movements that you hear about, where communities are transformed and countless people are helped? Well, lots of those movements are started with just an idea. Usually nothing fancy, just a thought as you’re falling asleep or a napkin scribble at a restaurant.

And from there they grow.

Into something unexplainable, into an entire community of do-gooders enhancing a collective movement.

Cheers to starting your movement today! 

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