Looking to upload a video? With trellis, you can do that in a snap!

  1. Insert your YouTube link
  2. Your video will directly be loaded to the trellis platform

Our development team has specifically programmed trellis event pages for YouTube. We currently don't support Vimeo, but may do so in the future.

If you don't have one already, we recommend making a private YouTube channel, uploading the video, and using the YouTube video link to share through trellis. 

How to upload a YouTube Video

  1. If adding an an additional feature on your page, click the Plus button and then the Features option.

2. Click the Gear, and ensure pink is highlighted on the play button (far right).

2. Copy and paste the video link from your YouTube channel in the Video Link.

3. Once the video link has been pasted in, you'll see the video automatically upload behind it...and that's it!

When your page is live and launched, people will only be able to see the video. 

In the Page Editor, you will always see the grey and white YouTube Video link in front of the video.

If you want to change the YouTube link, make sure you're in the Page Editor, simply swap the new YouTube link in for the old one, and your new video will automatically upload. 

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