Creating your first page on trellis? This article will walk you through the fundraiser wizard, which sets up the foundation for your very own page.

Before getting started, please note everything can be changed later on.

First Step:

When creating your own fundraiser, you'll initially be greeted with this page.
Selling tickets? You'll want to go the Event route.
Doing donations? You'll want to go the Donation Campaign route.

Doing both? Don't worry! You can create a page that incorporates both later.

Naming your fundraiser:

After you've decided on a route, you'll have to name your fundraiser, as well as give it a description.

Choosing a layout:

trellis provides 2 different layouts to give your page a stylish look. You'll be able to preview these as well as change to a different one later.


Choose an image for your page's background. You'll have the option to browse plenty of photos or upload your own.

The Deets:

Depending on the route you chose to take, the details can look like either above.

Running an event? Choose when and where it is! If it's online, or you don't know yet, we provide buttons to toggle these on or off.

Doing donations? Set a goal. Already raised some money? You can enter that here as well. Both fields are optional though!

Ticket/Donation Options:

Near the bottom, you can add, edit or remove your tickets or donation options.

That's it for setting up the foundation for your fundraiser!

If you have any questions as you get going, make sure to pop into the chat here and we’d love to help you!

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