You're in the page builder and you may be wondering, what now?

You may have been greeted with a tour of the page builder already, but if you've skipped it, don't worry! This article will go over some key features to help you make the most of the platform.

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Intro to the Builder

When you're in the page builder, you'll see something similar to this:

I've numbered 3 key things in the screenshot above.

  1. This button will take you back to the main dashboard. This is where you'll be able to see your fundraisers results later on.

  2. This button opens up the sidebar. This is where you'll be able to add all your revenue drivers and tweak your page's settings.

  3. The blue update button is used to publish your changes. Once you're happy with your recent changes, make sure to press this button!

Customizing your Page

If you scroll down on the page a bit, you'll see your first section and some more buttons!

  1. You can customize text, change fonts, bold, italicize, hyperlink, and more! Click on the text and start typing. If you'd like to customize your text, highlight the text and you'll see a little toolbar appear!

  2. The blue + button lets you add new sections to your page. When you click it, it'll open up a menu full of components! Try adding a featured component to your page and customizing it.

  3. This button will take you to your draft page. You'll be able to see how your changes look.

  4. This button will take you to the live page. This is what your donors will see!

Try adding some sections to your page and customizing the text! Also, hover over images to see which images you can change!

The Sidebar

If you press the sidebar button, a menu will open up with several sections. Here's a quick overview of what's in the sidebar:

Sales - Revenue Drivers and Features

This section will be the bread and butter of your fundraiser! Each of these can be included on your page to power your fundraising efforts.

For more info on what each of these options do, take a look at the article here.

Fundraiser Settings - Page Settings and Customization

This section has all the settings to further customize and tweak your page. There's a lot of settings, if you'd like to learn more, give this article a quick read!

Admin - Important Info

Take a look at each of these options prior to launching. This area is where you'll setup banking, tax receipt automation, as well as your organization's details.

That's a quick overview of what the page builder provides! If you'd like to learn more or need a hand with anything, feel free to chat with us using the blue bubble on the bottom right!

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