You’ve finished your page, and are happy with how it looks. Now it’s time to publish your fundraising page!

But before we get to publishing your page, make sure you have all of the required steps completed. 

  1. Banking information: Navigate to the dashboard and press Banking
  2. Tax Receipts: Navigate to the dashboard and press Tax Receipts. For help adding a tax receipt for this fundraiser or event page, press here

Once the above have been added, navigate back to your fundraiser page by pressing Home on the left, then selecting your Fundraiser.  Press the Pen Icon to Edit your page. Once inside your fundraiser page, press Review in the bottom left corner, and press Publish

Way to go! Your page is almost live!

Next add your Social Sharing information. This will help you and your supporters share about the fundraiser or event on social media. The more relevant information you include, the better! Once you are done, press Next.

Don’t worry, your Social Sharing information can be updated and changed at any point, even when your page is live! 

Include a Thank You Message. This message will appear once your supporters have purchased a ticket or made a donation on trellis. Use this opportunity to tell your supporters how appreciative you are of their contribution, and how their support will help you reach incredible goals for your organization. 

The Other Details For Ticket Purchases and Other Details For Donations messages will be sent to your attendees and donors by email. Use these messages to provide key details that your ticket purchasers and donors can easily access. 

Once you are done, press Publish

Easy as that, and you are live! Way to go!

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