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We’re giving you all the tips and tricks to set up your tax receipts in no time.

Take a look at an example Canadian tax receipt here.

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From within your account dashboard or the page builder, navigate to the Tax Receipting section on the left then create a new tax receipt.

You'll see something similar to:

  • Fill in Tax Receipt Name to make it simple for you and your team to remember which template is which.

  • The Tax Receipt Prefix is a unique identifier for each receipt. Note the donor that receives a tax receipt will also see these unique tax receipt prefixes, and it will increment like so: TR-1, TR-2, ..., TR-99.  You can change this prefix (for example to the abbreviation of your organization), or leave it as is!

  • In the Tax Receipt Body Text, write a custom message for your donors. It could be a message of acknowledgement or appreciation for their support. 

  • Include the ED/CEO Name and ED/CEO Title, which will be the signer of the receipts.

  • Upload the ED/CEO's Digital Signature*. Please ensure the background for the signature is white or transparent in order for it to be legible on the receipts. 

*To create a digital signature, simply write your signature on a piece of plain white paper, with lots of space around the signature. Take a photograph, or scan the page onto your computer and crop it to only include the signature. Then simply upload the image. Alternatively, you can generate your signature digitally and upload it.

Make sure to send a test tax receipt to yourself through the box on the right side of the page, to ensure you are happy with the message before you send it to your donors.

If you're happy with the changes, don't forget to press Save to publish your tax receipt.

Please note: you cannot delete a tax receipt when it is in use. 

attaching a receipt to your event/campaign

Already set up your tax receipt and want to apply it to your event/campaign? Awesome! Follow these four steps:

  1. Go into the page builder.

  2. Open up the sidebar and click Tax Receipting.

  3. Click the dropdown below selected template and find your receipt.

  4. Update or publish your page!

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