Adding the option to donate to your organization is a great way to receive additional funds from your supporters! By sharing your story and why you are raising funds for the cause, you are inspiring others to do the same!

To add a donation button option navigate to your Fundraiser Settings on your trellis page. On the left side, click Fundraiser Type. The first box will give you options for donations, toggle on Include a donation button on page. 

Make sure to also toggle on the "Ask for an additional donation on purchase", to prompt people to give while they are in the checkout too! (When they are asked to give at checkout, they can choose how much they'd like to donate!)

Awesome! You are now asking for donations on your page!

As you may have noticed, a second option came up under the Donation settings. Include a donation button on page refers to having a button next to your tickets (or registration, etc.) that says Donate. You can also Include donation options which will create 3 customizable cards that you can use to encourage people to donate specific amounts, like how Mamas for Mamas did for their Christmas fundraising campaign. 

At the top of the Page Editor, you will notice a new tab. Press Donations to edit your donation cards and make them relevant for your supporters. 

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