See the inner workings of the trellis platform, plus watch how simple it is to create an intriguing event page in just a few quick minutes!

When setting up your page, the key areas to review and customize are:

page editor

 Click the pencil button on your fundraising page tile to get into the Page Editor.

  1. Finalize event pictures
  2. Finalize description of the campaign
  3. Complete customizations and donation options 
  4. choose pictures, YouTube videos and descriptions 
  5. for an example, see how Stigma Stroll used donation cards impactfully directly correlating a giving amount with a tangible action (a gift of $120 means 1 counselling session for someone in need).


Find Settings by clicking the gear in the top right corner of the grey bar in your Page Editor, then review:

1. Social Sharing

  • pick a sharing link that stays top-of-mind with donors
  • you can also edit text and picture if you wish

2. Complete Thank You note

3. Double-check that Donation options are as you wish. Depending on what you select, donation cards and buttons will either be hidden or shown.

trellis dashboard

This is the first screen that shows up when you log into your trellis account. If you're in the Page Editor, click the trellis logo in the top left corner to access your dashboard.

  1. Tax Receipt made if collecting donations
  • Complete customized tax receipt for donations 
  • upload your ED's signature 
  • double-check your receipt is connected to the correct fundraising page 

2. Banking 

  • if more info is needed, you'll see an alert in the bell on the main Dashboard page when first logging into

3. Complete Profile > Organization

  • confirm Charity logo and HEX colours
  • add Business Number
  • add Organization description  of 1-2 sentences highlighting your tagline or the good you're doing in your community 

When you're ready to launch your page, hop in the Page Editor, and click the Review button in the lower-left corner. 

You'll then be directed through a flow to confirm your Thank You message, Social Sharing message, and then you can launch your page 🚀 to infinity and beyond! 

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