There's a lot to trellis, but fear not! This article will show you the main parts of Trellis so you can get your bearings.


This is the main dashboard for trellis. From here, you can see an overview of all your fundraisers, navigate into editing your fundraising pages, view their results, setup tax receipting, and check your banking!

On the dashboard, if you click on the pen icon on your fundraiser, it'll take you to the Page Builder.

Fundraiser Builder

This is where the magic happens! The fundraiser builder is where you'll setup your page, ticketing, donations, live and silent auctions, raffles, and more!

To open up the settings for your page, press the cog icon on the left.


The sidebar contains all the settings you need to customize your page. From the sidebar, you can add revenue drivers for your fundraiser, and tweak the nitty gritty details.

Page Building

In the fundraiser builder, you can add new sections to your page to add that extra pizzazz! There will be blue + buttons between your page's sections, clicking them will open a menu of components you can add to your fundraising page.

On the top right of the fundraiser builder, there's a little toolbar with some helpful buttons! The blue Update button will make sure your live page get's the changes you make within the fundraiser builder.

Hover over each of the buttons to see what they do!

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