Within the trellis platform, the are 3 different spots where you can enter in email addresses:

  1. Profile

  2. Organization

  3. Contact Email

1. Within the platform, the Profile email is used:

  • as the login email for your trellis account¬†

The Profile email is found under Dashboard > Profile > Account

2. For the Organization email, this shows up in:

  • tax receipts sent out to donors

  • contact email for events

  • emails sent from trellis to approve third-party Champion events

The Organization email is found under Dashboard > Profile > Organization

3. The Contact email:

  • links to the "Contact Organizer" button on the bottom of the fundraising page

  • is used as the main contact on receipts and tickets

The Email Contact is found under Dashboard > Edit > Fundraiser Settings > Thank You Message > Email Contact

In the example above, the Email Contact is support@trellis.org. If your page is live, you can still change the Email Contact by adding in a new email address, then update your page to reflect these new changes by clicking the trellis link in the top left corner and selecting Yes.

Note: tax receipts will always have the Organization Email. 

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