We're so excited that you're wanting to champion goodness within your community!

Before you do so on trellis, you will need reach out to your cause to figure out who will be collecting the funds raised.

The charity/organization is collecting the funds:

If the organization is eligible by law, tax receipting can be included and automated for ticket sales and/or donations. If any part of the ticket is to be receiptable, the organization and champion will need to decide on these amounts prior to launching.

The process will be as follows:

  1. The champion and organization will create a page together on the organization's Trellis account.

    1. If eligible, enable tax receipting for donations and ticket sales.

  2. Publish the page changes and promote the page.

  3. Finally, if there are costs involved, the champion will then invoice the organization after their event.

The champion is collecting the funds:

When a champion is collecting funds, tax receipting will not be enabled. In addition, the champion will have to fill in banking information to start accepting funds with our payment processor, Stripe.

 The process will be as follows:

  1. The champion will create a Trellis account and their event page.

  2. The champion fills in their banking information.

  3. The champion publishes their page.

  4. Finally, the champion will send all proceeds to the organization after their event.

No matter what path you decide on, you'll be doing good within your community, and we're excited to see that happen.

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