If you're looking to find out about your auction results, see who's bid on items, if they've paid yet, or delete bids, this article will help!

First, go to Results from the main dashboard.

Afterwards, go into Auctions.

Once there, you'll see a screen similar to below:

From here, you can see who's won and if they've paid. You can also award the second highest bidder the item from here.


The Bids tab will allow you to go through each item and view the bid history. You can also delete bids there.


The Participants tab will show you who's registered for your auction, and if any of them have placed a bid.


One last thing: The green Export Won Bids will send you a detailed spreadsheet listing all your items, who's won them, if they've paid, and their contact information. This is important to look at once your auction is over!

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