If you're wonder what Sales is in the sidebar, read this!

Sales - Revenue Drivers and Features

Sales is the bread and butter of your fundraiser! Each of these can be included on your page to power your fundraising efforts.

Here's what each option does:

Virtual Schedule & Programming

This is where you'll setup your live auction and/or fund-a-need.

Raffle Settings & Tickets

Setup your 50/50 or raffle packs here. There's lot of settings so your raffle is compliant with your license! If you'd like to learn more, this video goes into more detail on setting it up!

Auction Settings & Items

This is where you can add your auction items for your silent and/or live auction. Also set when your auction starts and ends! To learn more about auctions, take a look at this video here.


A flexible purchasable that can be used for registrations, dinner options, and many more!

Items for Sale

Another flexible purchasable which can be used for physical or digital merchandise.

Donation Options

Suggested donation amounts! You can also add a photo to go along with your donation option to cement the impacts donating to your cause has.

Promo Codes

Have sponsors or complimentary tickets? You can setup promo codes so your purchasers receive a discount. This can be a flat amount or a percentage.

Custom Checkout Fields

Need to collect additional information from your purchasers/donors? With our numerous fields, you can collect all kinds of information, whether it's a text answer, a simple Yes or no, or dozens of choices to choose from (like dinner choices!)

You can use one or all of these options! The skies the limit to how you combine and use these revenue drivers and features!

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