Fundraiser Settings is where you'll be able to further customize your page as well as tweak settings such as how fees are handled, what's included in confirmation emails, your page's link, and more!

Here's what each of these options do!

Fundraiser Settings - Page Settings and Customization

Fundraising Goal

This is where you can setup your fundraising thermometer as well as add your offline donations so that they're included in your thermometer and honour roll!

Page Design

Set your fundraisers title, colour palette and design here.

Event Info

If you're running an event or have dates and locations you'd like to showcase, tweak it here! You'll also be able to add/hide your tickets/item's for sale/raffle button here.

Donation Info

Turn on donations here. You can also set it to ask for an additional donation on ticket/item/raffle sales within this area.


Handle how fees work here. You can pass fees onto your purchasers/donors, give them the option, or cover them yourself.

Checkout Options

Some miscellaneous settings such as whether to send electronic tickets to your purchasers on registration and the option to be an anonymous donor.

Share Preview

Ready to share your page internally? This will let you do that quickly and easily with a templated email.

Social Sharing

Change your page's link as well as how it looks when shared on certain social media platforms here.

Thank You Messaging

Add additional text to the thank you page (after checkout), and/or to the confirmation email here! You can also manage who's the contact for your fundraiser from this area.

Connected Fundraisers

Have multiple pages and would like it to all tally on your thermometer or included in your leaderboard? You can add those here! This also comes in handy for Peer to Peer fundraisers.


Want to password protect your page? This is where you can do that.

There's a lot of settings you can change. If you're ever feeling overwhelmed, just chat with us and we'll be happy to help!

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