Are you offering 'Table' or multiple tickets for your event, but need to ensure you only sell a certain amount of tickets?

Well, you've come to the right place! In this article, we'll show you how to set up Global and Weighted Tickets to manage the number of tickets sold for your fundraiser. With Global and Weighted Tickets, you'll be able to edit the ticket type to reflect the total cost of the bulk purchase. (Ex: Purchasing a table of 10 @ $100 each = $1,000 ticket)

  1. Go to the Settings wheel on the left-side of your page

  2. Go to Tickets

  3. Edit an existing Ticket or Add Another

  4. Under Weighted Type, selected Grouped/Weighted Ticket

  5. Add the number of tickets for the weight (ex. 10)

  6. Under Unweighted Ticket Type select which quantity of tickets available your Grouped/Weighted Ticket effects.

During the checkout, your donors will be asked to enter the contact details for each ticket holder on their 'table', or they can enter the same contact details for all attendees.

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