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How to Add Custom Fields to your Ticket Checkout

How to add custom fields to your ticket checkout use custom fields to get the details you need from ticket and item purchasers

Wondering how to use custom fields to ask your ticket purchasers and holders important questions?

Well, look no further!

First, navigate to your fundraising page. Click the Settings cogwheel on the left-side.

First, make sure your Tickets are set up correctly and identify which tickets require custom fields for additional information (for example, if you're offering a delivered meal with a virtual ticket purchase, make sure to ask guests about dietary restrictions).

Once your tickets are set up, click Back, and from the Settings menu choose Custom Checkout Fields.

From there, create a new Custom Checkout Field, select the Field Type, and make sure to check which tickets this custom field question applies to.

If you have questions or need further clarification, click that handy blue button in the lower right corner of your page, or sign up for an upcoming support call here. We are here for you! 😄

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