How to Set up a Raffle on Trellis

How to enter the information from your approved licence into the trellis platform.

If it's your first time or you've done it many times before setting up an ERS raffle on Trellis has more than a few steps :) 

But have no fear! The Trellis team has made you some quick videos to guide you through each step.


Step One: General Settings

Step Two: Adding a License to your Raffle Step Three: Adding a DrawStep Four: Adding TicketsStep Three: Adding a Draw

Step Three: Adding a Draw

Step Four: Adding Tickets

Step Five: Adding Prizes to your Raffle


Once you've completed all steps, there should be only 1 Error Message on your raffle, requiring raffle approval from the Trellis team. Email Support at to get the message cleared, or use the blue chat icon in the bottom right corner.


For three different ways to display your raffle please follow THIS link.



The Trellis team