How to Set up Tickets and Weighted Ticket on Trellis

Watch this video to learn how to set up your event tickets in minutes!

Need help setting up your tickets on Trellis? We've got you covered!

Watch this video!

Setting up General Tickets

Or read these instructions to get started!

  1. Click the Settings Wheel on the right-hand side.

  2. Press Tickets.

  3. Here you see the different example ticket options we have created for you.

  4. To edit press the Pen symbol OR press the Trash Can to delete and create your own.

  5. You are then able to name the ticket and the ticket type, for example Regular ticket type and General Admission ticket name.

  6. You can then choose your Ticket Price. And below this: your Tax Receipt Amount which will be the amount donated from the ticket price. For more details about adding a Tax Receipt Amount, click here!

  7. Use Global or Weighted Tickets if you are selling tables with a set amount of tickets, or for your golf tournament if you are selling both individual and group tickets. See below for Weighted Ticket Setup.

  8. Next, the Amount Available is how many tickets you have available for purchase.

  9. Below you may add an Email Attachment document, for example: If there’s information you would like to send the ticket purchaser as soon as they have paid for their ticket, they can receive this attachment of details directly to their email address. Details such as; A menu for the event, how to get there, or any necessary information you would like to provide.

  10. Then, keep Tickets Visible in the next tab below. That way others can see them.

  11. Press SAVE.


    Do you want to assign a field to a ticket purchase or collect additional information? Create a registration?

    See THIS article for Custom Checkout Fields 


    Weighted Tickets (Multiple Tickets for Team tickets or table purchase tickets)

Weighted tickets are a way for you to sell multiple tickets at one time. This will allow you to sell multiple tickets that will reduce the number of tickets that are then available.


Are you offering 'Table' or multiple tickets for your event, but need to ensure you only sell a certain amount of tickets?


With Global and Weighted Tickets, you'll be able to edit the ticket type to reflect the total cost of the bulk purchase. (Ex: Purchasing a table of 10 @ $100 each = $1,000 ticket)

Watch this Video!

  1. Go to the Settings wheel on the left-side of your page

  2. Go to Tickets

  3. Edit an existing Ticket or Add Another

  4. Under Weighted Type, selected Grouped/Weighted Ticket

  5. Add the number of tickets for the weight (ex. 10 for a table of 10)

  6. Under Unweighted Ticket Type select which ticket you want these to account for such as General Admission.


During the checkout, your donors will be asked to enter the contact details for each ticket holder on their 'table', or they can enter their own contact details for all attendees.


All Done! If you would like to add Promo Codes OR Custom Checkout Fields to ask your guests additional questions in check out, take a look at these articles!


Your event page must be set to Live for your tickets button to become active. See this article to learn how to set your fundraising page to Live



If you have any questions, reach out to our team! We're here to help.