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I need help supporting an Event or Organization

Having a hard time navigating the fundraising site? Here are some videos to help.

Having a hard time finding the silent auction or items for sale? Want to contact the organization?


General Overview of Fundraising Page

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Want to participate in a Silent Auction? How does auto bidding work?

Other Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I didn't get a copy of my receipt or ticket

    1. Be sure to check your junk mail or spam filter.

    2. Your receipt, ticket or tax receipt will be attached to your email in pdf format

    3. Reach out to the organization to request another copy, email our support at support@trellis.org or send us a message with the chat bubble at the bottom right hand corner of the page.


  2. My checkout won't work.

    1. The first step to remedy a checkout problem would to remove the items from your cart. Sometimes the cart times out to prevent the same item from being purchased by someone else. Do a refresh on your browser by clicking on the address bar and hitting enter. Then try to check out again.

    2. If the problem persists take a screen shot and send it in to support via email at support@trellis.org or the chat bubble. We'll do our best to remedy the issue.


  3. How to change notification settings?

    1. If you want to be notified if you are outbid or the activity during your silent auction click on your name at the top right hand corner, click on my account and select or deselect email or text/sms.


  4. When will my credit card to charged?

    1. On items such as tickets, donations, raffle tickets and item purchases your card will be charged immediately and you will be sent a checkout email.

    2. During a silent auction your card will be charged when the auction ends and the winner of the item is declared. You will then be sent an email confirming your win with information.


      For more information or further assistance contact support@trellis.org