Raffle FAQ's

Q: Do I need to have a raffle licence to use Trellis?

A: If you are using our electronic raffle system you must have a raffle licence.

A: If you are using Trellis as a payment processor for raffle tickets you are responsible for your own paper raffle ticket licence and you must clearly indicate that Trellis is only the payment processor for the raffle tickets. The creation of ticket, distribution of tickets and drawing of tickets is all handled off line by the organizer of the event.

A: If you decide to use Trellis to process payments for paper raffle tickets set them up as Items For Sale.


Is it required to have a registered charity or business number to run a raffle?

A: You must be a charity, non profit or society to run a raffle in Canada

    Can someone else run a raffle for another organization? Ex. John has a business and wants to run a raffle for a Charity

    A: The charity or organization is the one applying for the licence and in the end it is their licence and their risk, they can do with it what they want and have whoever they want run it as long as the rules are being followed.

    Can we sell paper tickets as well as digital ones? Other solutions?

    A: Trellis offers a way to sell tickets offline using our Offline Raffle Sales Entry Portal to enter their info in after. An official raffle ticket will be automatically sent to the email entered, or if they have no email you user your email, print and mail it to them.

    Can we apply for licence before we get information back from Trellis?

    A: No, to apply for a licence you need a sample ticket and rules of play, the only way to get those are by filling out the intake form.

    Are we being charged on the gross or net of the raffle tickets sold?

    A: Gross raffle purchases processed on our platform will be charged with the exception of Nova Scotia who has different laws and therefore different billing. Reach out to support@trellis.org for more information about the raffle costs.