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Sending Custom Email Messages with Trellis!

Sending custom email messages with Trellis!

Custom text messaging on Trellis is here!

You'll now be able to send custom text messages to your donors when you want with ease!

Check out this video to see how its done!

  1. Go to your Trellis Dashboard

  2. Click Messaging

  3. Select Send Message

  4. Build out your custom message

    1. Choose between sending an email

    2. Decide which fundraiser the message is associated with

    3. Pick who receives the message

      1. All - ticket holders, purchasers, and auction bidders

      2. Ticket Holders - this applies for tickets, items for sale and raffle tickets. The message would be sent to anybody who has a ticket in their name

      3. Purchasers - this applies for tickets, items for sale, donations, and raffle tickets. This is the individual to paid for the purchasable.

      4. Auction Users - this applies to anybody participating in your silent and live auction.

    4. Write your message

    5. Send your message, or enter an email to send a test message too!

If you have questions about how custom text messaging on Trellis works, use the blue chat icon and we'd be happy to help!

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