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Trouble Logging in

If you're having a hard time logging into your account

 Step 1: Reset your password
Go here: https://app.trellis.org/login and click the forgot password link at the bottom of the page

*What if I'm not sure what email address was used to setup the account?*
You should be able to find it with some digging. Check the Stripe org account, look at contact info. Look at SIB messages. Look at "contact us" info from the live fundraising page. 

*What if I can no longer receive emails to the email address that was used to setup the account?* For example, if the volunteer that setup our page is no longer with the organization and we cancelled their email address?

Post in #technical-requests asking for help
Evan can look up the email address associated with the account and if the org doesn't have access to that email address he can change the password. Then you can notify the org of the new login info which they should change in the org profile settings once they login. 

*NOTE: this gives the person on the other end of the support chat access to the orgs banking information and full donor list so you should only request this once you are 100% certain the person you're talking to should be given access to the page. If you are not certain it's better for them to re-activate the email address used to setup the account (then follow step 1) or for them to create a new account with their own information.