How to Approve a Raffle

Customer has entered info in and you are going to review and approve their raffle

  1. Get the organization name, go into magic, access control, add your email login to the organization you are looking to approve
  2. Login to the account, click edit on the raffle you want to approve, head to the raffle section (setting gear on the left, Raffle, manage and run draw
  3. Go to the licence section by clicking the edit icon in the licence. 
  4. Copy paste the licence link and open it up on a new window (highly recommend using 2 screens or split screen)
  5. Depending on the licence you need to get to the details of the licence
  6. First check the address @Rebecca - some click virtual, others don’t, some put the same address in both sections… how do we know what to do here? 
  7. Then go to the licence section and check all the fields match the licence, this includes: licence number, start date, end date and ensure they have a gaming account added NOTE: some provinces don’t have a raffle end date, if that is the case it need to before or on the draw date and time
  8. Go to the draw section and verify that information is correct with the licence and the draw date and time work
  9. Go to the tickets section and ensure there is a prefix (doesn’t matter what) a title and a draw selected
  10. Check that the dates are correct, need to be the same or within the licence dates or it will not work
  11. If you are in Saskatchewan please go to step 12, for all other provinces simply verify the amount of tickets, packs and price is correct for each pack as it relates to the licence. 
  12. For Saskatchewan only: For the packs you need to go to the google drive and pull up the ORGANIZATION NAME Ticket Package Calculator Tool. Once you pull it up you need to enter the total sales that you see in the licence into cell 17G, Then in G18 put in the biggest package dollar value. In G19 put in the number of tickets in that package. Then G20 should give you the same number that is on the licence. If it doesn’t give you the same number of total tickets please contact Rebecca or Justin. If correct go to F9 and ensure that number is the same as G20. If it is different use cells E4-E8 to get that number to the same as G20 and the licence. Trying to keep the package amounts similarly distributed. This is the trickiest part, please ask for help if you are unsure.
  13. Check the prize, ensure the draw type is correct - percentage for 50/50 @REBECCA unsure what the raffle option is
  14. Once everything looks good then copy the raffle ID from the url (looks something like this: raffle_ZKYymoHGmCS)
  15. Go to magic and enter in the raffle ID in the ERS>raffle status section. Select the appropriate region and raffle and then approve the raffle
  16. Go back to the raffle editor and download a sample ticket. Sometimes the images don’t look good, of there is double because they added in their logo for the sponsor. If that is the case please fix or remove the extra logo by going to the general settings (top item in the raffle builder. Verify the ticket looks good by checking the ticket packs, dates, licence number. 
  17. Once the ticket looks good press the blue publish button on the top right, please only press this once you are sure you have everything correct as you cannot make any changes once this occurs. 
  18. Once published go back to the main page builder and if their fundraiser isn’t set to live please change it to live and publish changes. Please then take a look at the page and make sure the tickets button is showing up, if not, got to event info in the settings and turn it on, also adjust the dates accordingly if needed. Then head over to tickets in the settings and delete the placeholder event tickets that are in the settings. 
  19. Once that is complete, publish changes and check out the live view, please note when you click the tickets button no tickets will show up if the ticket sales haven’t started yet. 
  20. Email the customer using the Raffle ready to launch macro in intercom, please add the live link and note any changes you made in the email.