How to Invoice and Close a raffle**

Raffle has completed, now invoice and close

The raffle invoice and closure process

  1. Get the Org name in the ERS spreadsheet
  2. Go to magic, Access control get access to account
  3. Open account and go to raffle section in page editor
  4. Download all 4 reports and ensure the date range encompasses the entire time the raffle has been on for
  5. Click the menu and go to fundraiser results
  6. Navigate to the All transactions section, click export, leave this screen open for a later step
  7. Upload the standard event report to drive, open in google sheets
  8. Copy paste the formula in raffle invoice and expenses template from E4: F11
  9. Copy into E4
  10. Make sure the total in M2 is a real number
  11. Adjust the formula in F6 by using the number of checkouts found in bottom right of the all transactions screen in the results section
  12. Adjust the formula in F7 if needed (standard price is 6%, sometimes the price is 8%) you can see this in the Trellis ERS raffles spreadsheet)
  13. Rename the spreadsheet Raffle and Expense Report CHARITY NAME, download an excel file of this. 
  14. Get the Trellis fees total and login to Xero, go to the plus button in the top right to create a new invoice, then select the customer or add it, use the charity full name as the name and the main contact email as the email. Found in the ERS spreadsheet. 
  15. Fill out the invoice by selecting the ERS trellis fee item, quantity 1, then the total you calculated in the spreadsheet. Then set the payment date in the top right to 2 weeks out. Then click approve. Then add their first name to the email pop up and check the add as PDF box on the bottom right and click send
  16. Then print a PDF of the invoice
  17. Go back to the ERS spreadsheet and fill in column AA and AB
  18. Then go into support and send the raffle invoice and reports macro
  19. Add in the subject line raffle reports and invoice
  20. Attach the 3 reports plus the edited standard event report now named Raffle and Expense Report, the invoice you just downloaded and the checkout report that you downloaded at the beginning. 
  21. Email to the customer and you are done