Preparing Raffle Application docs for the org to submit to the gaming governing body

Raffle Application Process

Hubspot is integrated with Slack #raffle-growth for any intake form that is submitted. This will trigger a notification that a new intake form is submitted and a copy of the form is emailed to

To view the submissions go to Hubspot > Marketing > Lead Capture > Forms > General Intake Form. Then select the submission you want to view like below

1. Create a HubSpot ticket from the company

Name the ticket as Company Name: Raffle Name. All progress should be logged from this raffle ticket of the company.

2. Calculate the number of tickets to be sold using the following template

Trellis Ticket Package Calculator

**There's a separate sheet for SK as they require the maximum allowable number of tickets to be sold on their documents(not the actual number of tickets that will reach their sales goal).
For the below example, we indicate 6667 as the maximum allowable tickets to be sold but when we set up their raffle we follow the number of packs available with a total of 6050 tickets.

Screenshot this and add it as a note on your HubSpot ticket.

3. Complete the rest of the documents that need to be sent based on the intake form they have submitted

You can find all the templates and the raffle application guide package that shows what each field means in this link.

The documents to be sent are dependent on the province the intake submission is from. Below are all the required documents per province.

Alberta Trellis Contract
Sample Ticket
Rules of Play
AB - Raffle Application Guide Package
British Columbia Trellis Contract
ERS Addendum
Sample Ticket
Rules of Play
BC - Raffle Application Guide Package
Manitoba Trellis Contract
Sample Ticket
Rules of Play
Sample Checkout
MB - Raffle Application Guide Package
New Brunswick Trellis Contract
Sample Ticket
Rules of Play
NB - Raffle Application Guide Package
Nova Scotia Trellis Contract
Sample Ticket
Rules of Play
NS - Raffle Application Guide Package

Trellis Contract
Sample Ticket
Rules of Play

Web Advertisement
ON - Raffle Application Guide Package


Trellis Contract
Sample Ticket
Rules of Play

Web Advertisement
SK - Raffle Application Guide Package

4. Save the document as filename + name of their raffle
5. Send all documents to the raffle contact person(the one who submitted the intake form)

There's an email template in HubSpot for this - "Your Raffle Application Documents are Ready!"

Hi Contact​,
Please find attached the following documents to apply for your raffle license:
**change below accordingly**
- SK - Raffle Application Guide Package
- Rules of Play
- Sample Ticket
- Website Advertising Template
- **If you haven't received your contract, it will be sent out in a separate email.
1. Read the Raffle Application Guide Package to get an idea of how the whole process is going to be.
2. Create your account using this link, make sure you add your banking and look around to get a feel of our platform.
*if you're applying for BC you should have a separate BC Gaming Bank Account
3. Sign up for an onboarding call to learn the tips and tricks on how to use the platform and align it with your goals.
4. Start customizing your page to your liking.
4. Send me back your license once you get it approved, and I'll set up your raffle settings! Make sure you also send me the title of your page that you want me to add to the raffle.


I'd encourage you to submit your raffle application as soon as possible, in case there are any delays with gaming. And, let me know if you have any questions!

6. Add Tasks for the tickets

Under the ticket, you have to create 3 tasks

1. Follow-up task 3 days after the documents were sent.

2. Task to invoice the customer for the onboarding fee and assign to our company administrator(if necessary).

2. Task on the draw date to send the raffle expense report and raffle invoice.

7. Send the contract using the Adobe Acrobat Sign

Select the Trellis Raffle Contract 2022 template under Agreements > Templates. 

Select Use Template and go through the steps. 

7. Move out of the HubSpot raffle ticket and go to the company information

From here you should change the following properties accordingly(left side pane):

  • Trellis Raffle Plan Billed
  • Service Level Expiry Raffles
  • Service Level Plan A&T
  • Service Level Expiry A&T