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Understanding Auction Fees: A Guide for Donors

This article will explain how auction fees are charged to donors. We're excited to provide you with clear and helpful information about the process. So, let's dive in.

Yay! You're the winner of some fantastic items in the auction.

After the auction ends, you will see an automatic charge on your linked credit card for the items you won. This charge will not only include the price of the item but also transaction fees.

Before placing your bid, please be aware that there is a disclaimer about the fees that you can read for more information.

The transaction fees consist of an online payment processing fee, which is 2.45% of the total amount plus $0.030 per transaction. It's important to note that the rates may vary depending on the credit card used. 

Here's a breakdown using an example: If you win an auction item for $100, the final cost will be $102.82.

Keep in mind that the final cost may still vary depending on the plan signed by the organization. To get more details, reach out to the organization you are supporting.

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