Automated Bidding

Automated Bidding Sleep easy as our system bids for you

When you've viewed an item on a silent auction, you may have noticed the Bid for me area.

With Trellis, you can have our system bid for you up to a maximum amount. As you get outbid on the item, you'll automatically bid an increment higher until the current bid is higher than your maximum amount specified.

To start automated bidding, enter the highest amount you would bid on the item and click Automate Bidding. Your first bid will be placed at the item's starting bid if there are no bids on it, otherwise an increment higher than current bid.

You can also easily cancel the automated bidding after setting up a max bid -- revisit the auction item and cancel your automated bidding.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Let our system automate bidding for you so you can enjoy the rest of the event!

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