Automated Raffle Donor Communication Preview

In this article you will have a preview of all the communications that are received by your donors for raffle ticket purchases

Purchasing Raffle Tickets

1. Donor purchases and checks out their cart like below

2. An email like below with attachments of the purchaser's official ticket and their checkout receipt will be received by the donor.

PDF checkout receipt content will look like below:

PDF raffle ticket content will look like below:

If Donor refunds raffle purchases

If the donor's raffle purchases are refunded they will receive an email that their raffle purchase has been voided with a copy of their official raffle ticket with a voided stamp like below.

Voided PDF raffle ticket will look like below:

When the winner has been drawn

When the organization draws the winner, the organization needs to contact and transfer the funds to the winner, as per the raffle guidelines.

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