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Can't Checkout?

Can't Checkout Steps to follow to get your checkout

Suggestions to get your transaction to process;

1) Log out of our site, refresh your browser, log back in & try again

2) Try another device such as a different computer or a different smart phone

3) Try another browser. Explorer and safari are the default browsers on most operating systems but they also seem to have the most bugs and issues online. We like to suggest FireFox and Chrome

4) Clearing your cookies or doing a hard refresh on your browser. Google how to do this on your browser or try - Hold down Shift and press the reload button

5) Do you use a vpn? Turn it off for the transaction then you can turn it back on.

Still no go?? Answer the following as best you can so that I can get it to the appropriate place for resolution.

1) Are you getting an error? Please provide email with the error

2) What are you trying to do: buy / donate / bid?

3) What kind of card are you trying to use?

4) Is it showing up on your statement?

Send as much info as possible to support@trellis.org


The Trellis Team 😃

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