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Adding custom checkout fields

In this article, we will teach you how to add custom questions to your checkout using custom fields to get the details you need from your purchasers.

Not sure if you should be asking for consent to send out Commercial Electronic Message(CEM)? Check this link out to learn more about Canada's Anti-Spam Law (CASL).

1. On your fundraiser builder, navigate to your sidebar settings and choose custom fields.

2. Click Custom Field List > Add Custom Field and edit or add your fields

3. Add the Field Title and Field Type.

Field Types:

  • Text - free text answer
  • Paragraph - multi-line free text answer
  • Radio Buttons - one answer radio button option
  • Checkboxes - multiple answers checkbox options
  • Attachment with Checkbox - allows a donor to download a file with a checkbox(commonly used for acknowledgments)
  • Document with Uploader - allows a donor to upload a file
  • Drop-down Selector - one answer dropdown option

Note: You can't add hyperlinks to your custom fields

4. Select the item the field will be applied to

5. Assign the custom field to either ticket holders or just purchasers.

  • Ticket Holders - this is applicable for event tickets specifically group tickets if you want the field to be asked for each ticket holder(sample above sponsor table with 3 guests will then be asked this question per guest).
  • Ticket Purchasers - only the person who purchases the item will be asked this question.
    For example:
    For items for sale, Heart Teddy Bear the setup can be as follows to ensure that the question will be asked during checkout.

6. Select if you want the question to be visible for donation checkouts and if it's a required field.

7. Hit Save and Publish Changes.

Note: If you currently need a question answered per number of items for sale you will have to make sure you ask them to input their answer in a free text. For example:
John wants to buy 3 t-shirts(items for sale) since the field can only be assigned to the checkout but not the number of items added to the cart you will have to ask them to input all their shirt sizes in a fee text answer.

This is a limitation that we are currently working on to improve soon! Apologies for the inconvenience.

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