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Event Marketing with SMART Goals*

Event Marketing with SMART Goals Tips to increase your event marketing success

SMART goals are a great way to establish what success means to you, as well as keeps "your eye on the prize".

Leann Yutuc from Inventa provides some tips and insights on marketing your event and using data to make more informed designs.

SMART goals are:

S - Specific

M - Measureable

A - Attainable

R - Relevenat

T - Timely

Using these aspects, you can form a marketing goal that aligns with your event and it's patrons.

Tracking & Measuring Marketing Success

The next step after setting a goal is to know how to track your efforts.

“Always, always track along the way”Leann Yutuc, Inventa

Without data, it's difficult to say for sure your marketing campaign was successful. It looks different depending on budget and time -- it can sometimes look like spreadsheets, social media tools, or email tools.

This is a quick summary of Leann's advice, to learn more and see the full article, click here.

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