Help Guide when Social Sharing Image and Description is not Changing

In this article, we will help you resolve issues like preview description or image not updating when sharing to social media platforms.

In this article, we cover Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Take note that these issues are out of our platform's scope and this guide only serves as a helping guide. You can reach out to our support but it is advisable that you reach out to your marketing or technical team in case this does not work. 

1. Copy your URL.

2. Go to this link as a guide on using different social media platform's debug tools.

3. Paste the URL and Scrape or Inspect. Make sure your URL starts with https://www.

4. It'll show you if there are errors (often it's an issue with the size or format of the image). I just click scrape again and it should update the cache.

5. Delete your previous social media post and post the link again. Image or description should appear correct.