How do Payouts Work? And how do I get a payout report?

curious about our payouts? learn more about it here.

Where do I see my payouts?

When looking at payouts you receive from Trellis via Stripe, your payouts report will break down funds and which events they are for.


Next time you log into your trellis account, go to Banking, and scroll all the way down to the bottom. If you'd like an itemized breakdown for a specific payout, click the Export Financial Report beside the payout.



Take a look at an example payout Financial Report HERE.


Here at trellis, we're all about transparency and giving charities the tools they need to see where funds are coming from. ✨


When do they happen?

Payouts are issued automatically every Monday, and can take up to a week before appearing in your account. 


There is a 7 day rolling period for charges to clear before they are included in a payout. Typically, a charge will be included in a payout 2 weeks from the date of purchase.




Period to be paid out

Tuesday -Monday

Pay Day Following Monday