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How email addresses are used in Trellis

How email addresses are used in trellis so you've popped an email address into the platform, but what exactly does it get used for?

Within the trellis platform, the are 3 different spots where you can enter in email addresses:

  1. Profile

  2. Organization

  3. Contact Email

1. Within the platform, the Profile email is used:

  • as the login email for your trellis account 

The Profile email is found under Dashboard > Profile > Account

2. For the Organization email, this shows up in:

  • tax receipts sent out to donors

  • contact email for events

  • emails sent from trellis to approve third-party Champion events

The Organization email is found under Dashboard > Profile > Organization

3. The Contact email:

  • links to the "Contact Organizer" button on the bottom of the fundraising page

  • is used as the main contact on receipts and tickets

The Email Contact is found under Dashboard > Edit > Fundraiser Settings > Thank You Message > Email Contact

In the example above, the Email Contact is support@trellis.org. If your page is live, you can still change the Email Contact by adding in a new email address, then update your page to reflect these new changes by clicking the trellis link in the top left corner and selecting Yes.

Note: tax receipts will always have the Organization Email. 

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