How to Add Donations to your Page

Adding the option to donate to your organization is a great way to receive additional funds from your supporters! By sharing your story and why you are raising funds for the cause, you are inspiring others to do the same!

** You have to have your banking information set up in order to accept donations.


Follow these steps to add one of our top revenue boosters:


1. To turn on donations for your page, you'll want to first open up the sidebar. Then go into Donation Options & Settings


2. Once there, turn on your donations! If you also want to ask for an additional donation on each ticket/item/auction item purchase, turn that toggle on as well!


Wabam! Donations are now on your page.


Donation Options

Now, if you want to add donation options like how BGC Okanagan did:



2. Edit Default Donations, Create your own, or enter preloaded / offline donations



Adding Donation Options to your Main Page

These options will show up in the donation process, as well as the additional donation ask (if enabled.)


If you also want to showcase your Donation Options, find the blue plus button on your page where you want to add them.


Select Donations Options


Wapow! Donation Options are now on your page.


You can then remove it, duplicate it or move it up or down on your main page to suit your needs.


Still have questions? Don't hesitate to reach out by pressing that blue chat button on the bottom right!