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How to do a hard refresh of your browser

Browsers save (or “cache”) a lot of information in order to increase web performance, including images, text, and styling information for the site. This is usually a great feature because it allows you to surf your favorite websites with minimal load


Tip: Switch to a Google Chrome browser if possible

If you're using a computer:

1. Exit your browser, and try joining again

2. Do a hard refresh

    • On a PC press Crtl + Shift + R at the same time

    • On a Mac press CMD + Shift + R at the same time

3. Restart your computer

If you're using a mobile phone:



1. In Chrome, tap the menu button in the upper right hand (three vertical dots) and select “Settings” from the dropdown menu.
2. Scroll down and tap “Privacy”.

3. Scroll down and tap “Clear Browsing Data”.
4. Tap “Clear Data”.



1. Tap the “Options” icon at the bottom right of your screen.
2. Tap the cogwheel icon labeled “Settings”.

3. Find the “Privacy” section in the Settings menu, and tap “Data Management”.
4. Select what kind of data you’d like cleared and tap “Clear Private Data”. Tap “OK”.


Windows Phone:

1. While in the Internet Explorer browser, click the ellipses (three dots) at the bottom of the screen.
2. In the menu, select Settings.

3. Tap the “Delete History” button.
4. Check the “Delete Passwords” box and tap the “Delete” button. It may take a moment.



1. Tap the cogwheel icon labeled “Settings”.
2. Scroll down and tap “Safari”.

3. Tap “Clear History and Website Data”.
4. Confirm “Clear History and Website Data”.

* If you do not want to clear your History, click “Advanced” > “Website Data” > and “Remove All Website Data”.

5. Turn off your device and restart

6. If possible try on another device 

If these don’t do the trick, no worries help is on the way! Reach out to the organization hosting the event with your questions.


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