How to Duplicate a Fundraising Page

Duplicating a simple fundraiser is finally here! Use this feature to copy your fundraising page to build a new fundraiser.

 If your organization runs recurring fundraisers or fundraising events across multiple locations, you can now easily duplicate a fundraiser that you’ve created and use it to build your new one.

How to duplicate a fundraiser

1. Sign in to your Trellis account using this link
2. On our dashboard select and click on three dots on the fundraiser card to expand the menu.

3. Click “duplicate” to duplicate your fundraiser

What is duplicated and what is not

What is copied:

  • Fundraising page/builder settings
  • Fundraiser goal settings
  • Event Tickets
  • Event details (date, time, location)
  • Donation Options
  • Custom donations
  • Item(s)
  • Custom Fields
    (note: the “Apply this custom field to the following ticket types” does not copy)
  • Promo Codes
    (note: the “Which tickets/items does this apply to?” does not copy)
  • Tax Receipt settings
  • Banking and org profile

What isn't copied:

  • Silent auction items
  • Live auction items
  • Raffle tickets
  • Live Streaming
  • Pre-seeded donations

Make sure you update the following:

1. Fundraiser Title and Heading Title

Make sure you hit publish changes after

2.  Sidebar settings > Social Sharing
Update your social sharing settings(Link and Title) to reflect the new title of your copied page.  

3. Upper right status bar dropdown > Page URL
To update your new page's URL

Did this answer your question? If not, please feel free to contact us using that teal chat bubble on the lower right corner of your Trellis account dashboard.