How to find the Donation Totalizer

How to find the Donation Totalizer Use the Donation Totalizer to see how many donations and pre-seeded contributions you have at any given moment!

Here’s how you can find the total number of donations and pre-seeded contributions in real-time. Use this in your virtual or hybrid event to let donors know how close you are to hitting your fundraising goals.

Hey! Are you a production company? You’re probably going to want this number to see how much has come through in just donations and pre-seeded contributions.

Check out the video below!

Or read these instructions to get started!

  1. Click the Menu button at the top left-hand corner.

  2. Scroll down to Fundraiser Results and click through.

  3. In Fundraiser Results, the number stated below Donations & Pre-seeded Contributions is the one you’re wanting to look at. It shows the total amount in real-time - no need to refresh the page as the number will continue to update on its own during the live event.

  4. If you’re a Production Company you can screengrab or capture this number and add it into your video components to see how much is coming in through donations.

  5. Alternatively, to get here from the Main Dashboard, press Results on the left-hand side and you will be able to find this number here as well.

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