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How to get a merged PDF of all Sales Entry System attachments

If you are planning on printing off raffle tickets to mail to purchasers, the new SES Merged PDF can save you time in printing!

The new merged PDF includes all Sales Entry System checkout attachments from all purchasers, combined into one. 

  1. The PDFs are sorted alphabetically by last name
  2. They include the checkout receipt, any tax receipts, and any raffle tickets.

How to download the merged SES attachment PDF:

  1. From the dashboard, go to Results > Exports
  2. Under exports, select the fundraiser you want to export data from
  3. Now under “Sales Entry System Exports”, find the “Checkout Attachments PDF”
  4. Click Export

5. Choose where you want your export to go, and click “confirm”.

You will now receive an email that contains a link to download all the attachments like below!

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