How to Price Raffle Tickets

In this article you will learn how to calculate the number of packs available for your raffle ticket packages

In general, the higher the value of prizes the more you should charge for each ticket. Prizes valued up to $5,000 have ticket package price up to $10-$25 while major prizes like cars can have prices from to $50++

If you have not run any raffles before you are probably wondering how many packages should you make available for your chosen raffle ticket package prices.


With Trellis we will provide you a recommended percentage on how many you should make available for each depending on how many ticket packs you decide. See below image

Screen Shot 2022-07-15 at 2.37.05 PM

To make it easy, please download the Trellis Ticket Package Calculator by clicking below

And to download a copy of the ticket package calculator, click file --> download --> download as Microsoft Excel (.xlsx). Once you have downloaded a copy, open the file and you will see that there's a sample ticket package calculation for your reference..

Then follow these steps:

1. Enter your raffle sales goal in cell C27

2. Enter your desired ticket packages like as shown below. These ticket packages are 1 for $5.00, 3 for $10.00, and 5 for $15.00

3. Now for the fun part! On the # of packs available column enter a number that the sum of total value would match your sales goal and make the percentage(%) close to the recommended percentage of packages.

As you can see from the sample the percentage was not exactly as the recommendation and thats okay! Our aim is to be as close as possible to it but still hit your sales goal!

And that's how you calculate your ticket packages, again this is a general recommendation and this varies depending on the province's regulation and how well you know your community!


If you have further questions regarding this, use the blue chat icon to connect with our team!