How to Remove Tickets Button

How to Remove Tickets Button Not selling tickets for your fundraiser? Here's how to remove that button on your page!

Sometimes our system gets confused and adds a ticket button option even when you're not selling tickets (sorry, our system just wants you to raise as much money as possible!)

But, you can follow these quick steps below, or watch the video to see how to remove this button!

  1. Go to your fundraising page, and click the Settings wheel on the left hand side

  2. Go to Event Info

  3. Toggle on This is an event (if currently toggled off)

  4. Toggle off Include Event Tickets (if currently toggled on)

  5. Toggle on and off This is an event to decide what information you would like to show

  6. Publish Changes

  7. Check your Live page to make sure the changes have been made!

Or check out this video to see how its done!

If you have any questions use the blue chat icon to chat with our team!

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