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How to Set up Promo Codes

We've made promo codes easy, we promise!

Offering Promo Codes for your event has never been easier! You can now give your event attendees even more options, without all the work on your end.


Promo Codes are a great tool to use when getting sponsors, event speakers, or notable guests to register while paying a lower cost. 


So here’s how to get started!



Navigate to your event page editor, and click the Settings cogwheel on the left-side. option. Under the Sales section, pick Promo Codes. From there you’ll be able to add all the details including the Promo Code name (that your purchasers will see), the discount type, and the amount. Make sure to also select which tickets or items this discount code applies to. 



And that’s it! Way to go getting Promo Codes up and running on your page!