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How to Set up Promo Codes

In this article, we will show you how to create your promo codes.


1. Login to your Trellis account.

2. On your Dashboard, click Edit under the fundraising page you want to add your promo code.
3. Navigate to your Sidebar Settings and choose Promo Codes under Fundraiser Drivers.

4. Click Add Promotions.

5. Enter the details of your promo code.

a. Code Name - any name you want to assign to your promo code. It is adviseable that you make this short and easy to enter.

b. Discount Type - can be set as dollar amount or percentage.

c. Discount Amount - can be the dollar amount discount or the percentage discount.

d. Amount of Uses - number of times you want this promo code to be used.

e. Which tickets does this apply to - if you already have your event tickets setup you can search the ticket from this dropdown to assign this promo code.

f. Which items does this apply to - if you already have your items for sale setup you can search the item from this dropdown to assign this promo code.

Promo codes cannot be assigned to raffle tickets.

6. Hit Save and Publish Changes.


Promo codes are an effective way to boost sales and increase fundraising revenue by attracting more donors. Give it a try and witness how it enhances your promotional efforts!

Pro Tips:

1. When communicating Promo Codes to your supporters, try this language. 

"We've created a discount code for you! When checking out, enter the code "XXX" into the Promo or Passcode field to take advantage of your special price."

2. Make your code short and easy! For example, "FUN50" for a 50% off out of this fundraiser 

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