How to Set up Raiser’s Edge Gift Sync Settings

In this article, we’ll guide you through configuring the Gift Sync Settings for the Raiser’s Edge integration. These settings enable you to fine-tune how gifts are displayed in Raiser’s Edge.

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  1. Go to the Main Dashboard
  2. Select Integrations from the menu on the left-hand side and select BlackbaudMain Dashboard-png
  3. Click Settings
  4. Navigate to Gift Sync Settings


Gift Types  

Use the drop-down menu beside each fundraising driver to determine how you want your gifts to be categorized in Raiser's Edge.

Pro Tip: If there are specific fundraising drivers you never want to appear in Raiser’s Edge, choose the Do Not Sync option.


Gift Fees 

Gift fees allow you to specify how fees should be displayed for gifts in Raiser’s Edge. If donors are set to cover fees for your fundraiser and your Tax Receipt amount includes the fees, this option must be enabled. Click here to learn more about Trellis tax receipt options.

  1. Toggle on the Include fees in gift amount if you’d like the payment processing fees to be included in Raiser’s Edge. 


Tax Receipt Stack 

The Tax Receipt Stack enables you to identify the source of your tax receipts, facilitating better tracking of various tools for sending automated receipts. Please note that this feature is only accessible in Database View and is available for Canadian organizations.

  1. Enter the Tax Receipt Stack that you want to reference for all automated Trellis Tax Receipts sent.


Gift Date

The Gift Date allows you to specify when the gift should appear in Raiser’s Edge.

  1. Choose if you would like the gift to appear: 
    1. Checkout Date - the date the transaction occurred 
    2. Payout Date - the date the payout is received. You can find the Trellis Payout Schedule here

  1. Click Save to complete the Gift Sync Settings 


If you want to customize a specific fundraising page settings, click here to learn how.

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