How to Set Your Raiser’s Edge Campaign, Fund, Appeal and Package Settings for a Specific Fundraiser

In this article, we’ll walk you through customizing the Campaign, Fund, Appeal, and Package Settings for the Raiser’s Edge integration, tailored specifically for each fundraiser you host.

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  1. Go to the Main Dashboard
  2. Choose your fundraiser, and click Edit
  3. Open the Settings tab on the left-hand side and navigate to Integrations
  4. Click Campaigns, Funds, Appeals and Packages


About your Configuration Levels

Trellis offers three distinct configuration levels to optimize your settings:

  1. Entire Fundraiser - this option is ideal when all fundraising drivers for your event share the same Fund, Campaign, Appeal, or Purchase.
  2. By Fundraising Driver - opt for this option when different fundraising drivers for your event require distinct Funds, Campaigns, Appeals, or Purchases.

  3. If you select By Fundraising Driver, you have the option to further customize your settings and configure them for each specific purchasable
    1. By toggling on Configure for each [fundraising driver],  you’ll see every purchasable item available for your fundraiser, along with options to select the appropriate Fund, Campaign, Appeal, or Purchase


Choose the correct Fund, Campaign, Appeal and Package settings and click Save. 


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