How to Update and Regenerate Tax Receipts

In this helpful guide, we will walk you through the process of updating and regenerating your donors' tax receipts, ensuring that you can easily send them the corrected information.

At times, donors may accidentally enter incorrect information during the checkout process, resulting in the need to update their tax receipts. This article is designed to guide you in assisting your donors with this issue.


1. Login to your Trellis account.
2. In your Dashboard, open Results.

3. Click All Transactions. Make sure you select the fundraiser page at the top right area then use the search bar to find the transaction you want to update.

4. Open the transaction by clicking the below icon.

5. Click Edit under Purchaser.
6. You may update the following information below.

Pro Tip:
If you want to issue the tax receipt to a company name then toggle on "Purchase is on behalf of a company" otherwise, leave it off so the tax receipt gets issued to the purchaser's name.

7. Go Tax Receipts under Results and find the transaction you just updated.
8. Click Regenerate.
9. Choose or enter the email address where you would like the regenerated tax receipt to be sent, and then click on the Send button.
10. The recipient will receive a copy of their newly generated tax receipt, as well as the voided one.

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