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Raffle Purchases Require your Physical Location to be in the Province

You'll need to be in the province to complete your raffle ticket purchase.

Having trouble buying raffle tickets? No worries! Our team is here to help!


Provincial gaming rules require raffle ticket purchases to physically be in the province when buying tickets.

If you are currently not in the province, you will not be able to buy raffle tickets until you are in the province again.

If you are in the province, but getting an error message that you are not in the province, keep reading!

How to correct the location requirement to buy a ticket.

Try a purchase on your mobile device.

  1. Turn off the internet on your phone, and switch to data.
  2. Go to the fundraising page and purchase a ticket.

Check your IP address

Your IP address is the location of your physical device.

  1. Find your IP address here.
  2. Send your IP address number to support@trellis.org and please include which raffle you are trying to buy tickets for.
  3. Our team will confirm your location and approve your location to complete your purchase.

Still didn't work? Let's try one more thing!

Confirm your VPN has been turned off.

Most well-known antivirus providers offer a VPN as part of their security suites. Unfortunately, they identify your location as somewhere that you are not.

  1. Check which anti-virus provider you are using.
  2. Look up how to turn off your VPN service.
  3. Refresh your browser and complete your purchase.

Please note: you may have to restart your computer in order for your new VPN settings to be saved.

Turn your VPN back on after you've got your raffle tickets.


Still need help? Oh no!

Contact our team at support@trellis.org and we'd love to help!


Thank you for doing good in your community!

The Trellis Team



PS. Here is a list of some common anti-virus' and instructions to turn off their VPN settings.