How to Manage and Add Multiple Users to Access Your Page Using Team Roles

This article will teach you how to use and add multiple users to be able to access your Trellis account.

Watch this video or follow the steps below!

Adding New Team Members

1. Login to your Trellis account.
2. On your dashboard, navigate to Team Roles.

2. Click on Add User Role.

3. Fill out the form and depending on the role of the person you want to have access to your account you may select the appropriate role.


Organization Managers

  • Has full access to everything within the account

Organization Contributor

  • Similar access to the Organization Manager role, but can't access any banking information.

Fundraiser Manager

  • This role has access to edit a specific fundraising page, but can't access banking, tax receipts, or organization settings that span multiple fundraisers.

Pro Tips:
1. The newly added user can now access your account by signing up using this link using the email that you added to have permission to access your Trellis account and set up their own password.
2. It is still highly advisable to ensure your users don't edit the page at the same time since your page builder automatically saves the current state or changes and will override someone's progress.

Managing your team member access

1. To disable a team member's access, click on the pencil icon beside the role.

2. Select Disabled.

Pro Tip:
You do not have the option to delete access for a team member. However, you can disable their access to the account.


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