Understand the Raiser's Edge Integration Process

In this article, we explain the steps involved for a successful Trellis X Raiser's Edge integration.

In order to successfully use the much-anticipated Trellis X Raiser's Edge integration, our team will be here to support you every step on the way. 

Before we dig in, here are some things you need to know about this integration. 
  1. We will never change or delete your data in Raiser’s Edge, we will add more information or create a new constituent if one does not already exist in your account
  2. We err on the side of caution, which means we’ll create a false negative over a false positive match for your data (if we aren’t entirely sure that this match is correct, we’ll mark it as a new constituent, instead of assuming the data is correct and incorrectly matching it to the wrong constituent) 

Steps to a Successful Integration 

Learn what you are expecting from integration
  • Your Pro Plan Account Manager will support you through this step.
    • In this meeting, we will: 
      1. Answer any questions you have about how the integration will work.
      2. Understand the specifics of how you currently use RE, and which features you use in their system
      3. Ask specific questions as they pertain to your integration setup 
      4. Get a clear understanding of your next fundraiser, timelines, fundraising drivers used, and how you plan to use RE to support your donor management (ex. How you approach tax receipting) 
      5. Review new features that will be launching with the Trellis X RE integration to allow you to give feedback about how you use RE

    • To get started, book a kick-off meeting here

The Trellis team will take your information and make a plan

  • We’ll take some time to discuss your integration, review timelines and the feature requests needed in order to use the integration seamlessly 
  • Our team will follow up with yours as needed with updates

Set up the Integration 

  • Your Pro Plan Account Manager and a Trellis Technical Lead will support you through this step
    • In this meeting, we will: 
  1. Help you connect the Trellis X Raiser’s Edge integration. We’ll walk you through all the setup features, and advise on the best settings based on how your organization uses Raiser’s Edge
  2. Test a small batch upload. This will involve checkouts already made on Trellis. Our team will manually upload a constituent into Raiser’s Edge, and together we will follow the donor through Trellis and Raiser’s Edge to ensure all the data is correctly uploaded and the settings are set up correctly to avoid unnecessary duplicates being made. 
    1. At least 5 constituents will be manually uploaded and walked through to ensure the integration is working correctly. 
  3. Once your organization is satisfied with the results of the manually matched constituents, the auto-sync feature will be enabled to trigger all future transactions on Trellis to trigger an addition to constituent data / addition of a new constituent in Raiser’s Edge automatically 
    Screen Shot 2023-10-31 at 5.25.00 PM

And forward

  • Your Pro Plan Account Manager to be your main point of contact moving forward 
    • As needed a Trellis Technical Lead will be available to support your fundraiser and integration needed
    • Following your first fundraiser using the Raiser’s Edge integration, a follow-up meeting will be hosted to understand more about your experience with the integration and Trellis 


To get started, book a kick-off meeting here today.